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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who Is Who, What Is What?

Stories abound on the Internet and elsewhere about a mystery man calling himself Anthony Jess LaVey, claiming to be a son of Anton Szandor LaVey. Anton LaVey, birth name, Howard Stanton Levey was the founder of the Church of Satan in San Francisco, California. The "mystery" comes into play because Anton/Howard (1930 to 1997) had only three known children, two daughters named Karla and Zeena, and one son named Xerxes. Many then say that Jess LaVey is a fraud, but is he? When asked once for documentation to support his claims, Jess LaVey responded that he was unable to provide evidence due to satanic conspiracies against him. He then threatened litigation for those who disputed his claims. Reports say that Jess lives in Yucaipa, California and does Christian missionary work. He is said to rarely give interviews, so rare that I have not been able to see many interviews with him or his photo... That smacks of him being an urban legend rather than a living person. How do you have a famous name such as his in this techno world and hide so well??? In these website "interviews" it appears that he is hard to shut up rather than introverted than like an phantom he is gone. He claims to have known his father quite well and relates his childhood as though they were together a lot. These stories spin a Hollywood type plot of Satanic rituals and attach abuse for extra measure. The most well known and circulated one involves a famous castle in Colorado and involves both George Bush sr and jr. According to Jess, his father Anton often stayed at the castle and that is where he met George Bush jr. Click Here for what is supposed to be a May 2007 radio interview. Recorded in mp3.
In this interview with Dr. Gianni (what a idiot) Hayes Ph.D. Jess thinks that his dad, Anton LeVey, is still alive in 2007 or ten years after his reported passing in 1997... I found the Jess LaVey of that interview totally unconvincing and again in light of all of the above, I see no proof of him being Anton's son... The only way for proof that would settle it would be documentation i.e. a real and official birth certificate (not Obama type LOL) plus, much more. The Jess that makes all of these claims rapidly skirts out of the way when approached about such proof.
To be continued...
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